Friday, 3 July 2015

Look mum, bucket hats!

We're loving this 90s revival accessory - Bucket Hat!
This mighty headwear is making a big comeback, perfect for everyday style,
for your bad-hair-days, weekend roadtrips and art/music festivals!
Because those overloaded flower garlands and snapbacks should totally take a break.

Seriously, it's just too hard to say no to these happy bucket hats
that are spreading massive good vibes!

Items are all fully imported, ready stock and not restockable!

H1 / Polygon (Available)
H2 / Tropical (Available)
H3 / Donut (Sold)
H4 / French Fries (Sold)
H5 / Pineapple (Sold)
H6 / Smiley (Sold)
H7 / Ice-cream (Sold)
H8 / Flamingo (Available)
H9 / Pineapple Galaxy (Available)
H10 / Geometry (Sold)
H11 / Burger (Available)
H12 / Banana (Sold)
H13 / Hibiscus (Sold)
H14 / Nature (Sold)
H15 / Space (Available)

Price: RM50/each

Limited-time offer: Get 2 & above for FREE POSTAGE!